Jon Walsh

Sheet of paper with a quill tip pen and ink jar.
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“Momentum Loop”

Water was in short supply, so we imbibed ourselves with cognac, and whiskey and rum, for we had not seen land in six days and with the prospect of a short stay in port on the horizon, we found ourselves in a celebratory mood. Standing there atop the ships bridge, amongst the disorganized technical machinery scattered beneath the rectangular shaped looking window were Marcus, Leonard, Kurtis, Samuel and myself — the five of us making up the night crew that worked the late evening hours until the sunrise -often left alone to ourselves and the sea



Notebook, pen, cup of coffee, laptop, eye glasses and notecards scattered around a table.
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Week of September 11th, 2022: “Gone but never forgotten.”

“A glass becomes the bottle”

It’s time to reassess, it’s time for different model

It’s time to call the lawyers, no longer can we afford to tweedle-twadle

It’s time to build brand new and think like aristotle

Maybe I’ll start tomorrow, tonight has gone full throttle

For tonight is certainly one of those evenings, when a glass becomes the bottle