Jon Walsh

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June 10th 2022

years from now generations will look back and consider the dietary promotion standards of our time as absolutely unacceptable. Our bodies our not well suited for the current levels of environmental stressors without proper nutrition.

Description: “The food on our plate might look — and taste — different thirty years from now, but new approaches promise to equitably and sustainably feed everyone on the planet.”

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…glad for the return of Gladwell !

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Description: “Malcolm Gladwell (Revisionist History) is an author, journalist, and podcaster. Malcolm returns to the Armchair Expert again to discuss what social experiments he does on the new season of his podcast, what his dream car would be, and what the results of his recent ancestry test were. Malcolm and Dax talk about how they appreciate people who can build things, how they are obsessed with people’s voices, and who their favorite comedians are. Malcolm explains why old sitcoms were so popular, what podcasts he loves right now, and what the consequences of social media could be on future generations.”