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Week of July 10th, 2022: “A pot to piss in.”

“Der Lieblingssatz meiner Mutter”

He doesn’t care, he doesn’t listen

he doesn’t have a pot to piss in

but that’s unfair and the part that’s missing

is that it’s not a crime to break tradition

in fact I think I will update my definition

I don’t need anyone’s permission and/or recognition

In fact just like I’ve always said, sometimes life can be nothing more than clean air and proper nutrition, at least that’s always been my suspicion

And Something to remember, always, even when the sky’s begin to grow gray, it’s only after the night that we can begin a new day

And yes, even during periods of stress and strife — fun without adventure is not fun, just as life without danger isn’t life

Even when there’s thunder in the sky and fire on the plane — fear not the end, life still remains

life comes around full circle, always back to the starting position

Be true to yourself always, that’s my submission.



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