Photo by Dan Dimmock on Unsplash

Week of May 29th, 2022: “ Always leave a tip.”

“The kind of man who gives speeches”

Todd Brown was unaccustomed to delivering speeches and so in the moment he was not quite sure of what to do. His nerves had been on edge since he had taken his seat on the dais adjacent to the podium on the left corner of the stage, his palms so clammy and sweaty that perspiration had seeped through the lining of his gabardine suit, completely saturating the folded piece of paper on which he had written his speech. Todd’s speech, now illegible, resembled more of a rorschach test’s amalgamated mass of splotchy ink than it did any more the revised, edited, and grammatically proofed speech which he had painstakingly written out by hand, line-by-line onto several sheets of loose-leaf paper before folding it over into several tiny squares and tucking it inside his jacket.



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